late nights – lyrics

late nights we were running together

long legs longer than the tall of taller mountains

giant daddy long legs bipeds walked the world titans

in stilts faster than the hills are round rolling down

mind’s eye tricks flick somersault and catapult

snowflake exacerbated mosaic angulated

intravenous ultraviolet introverted advert diet

dodging strafing bullets flinging plastic heaven sky singing

etched light crystal night warning colours toxic snake

drawn into the honey pots the bloodshot sots congregate

late nights, dark lights flickering

zip up another day and put it in the body bag

deep freezer mind geezer dick teaser crowd pleaser

clowns in gowns drown the lounge lizard sound mages

prostitution symphonies of masturbation injuries 

narcissism catechism scissor-lifting solepsisms

diode dice loaders roll the heist over

cannon fodder channel surfers caught between the credit ratings

counterfeit chemical circus for the chimera

chieftains secreting expletive repeating rhetoric sheep feeding priest breeding heart greedy weedy seedy needy

late nights studying and siphoning

wake like the dead and screech crib humidity

blast car fires burn red dead their tragedy

blocks fly gutter wire razor face intimidate

chain mail sting tail hypodermic taxidermy

cardio inhibitor your mother nature’s widower

systemic academic ethic cleansing call the medic

ontology oligarchy obligatory doxology

network neuroscan surveillance topology

global probe mode photo drone showed

the innocence dead on the roadside truck stop rape den

crucified petrified electrified erectophile

crocodile tears steered at picking up clear fellers

compromised fantasised pulverised vulva-sized

particular testicular gesticular inflict on ya

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