le rideau en flanelle

Matt Ralph – Moonah Taste of the World ONLINE

Introducing Matt Ralph, performing an original song for Moonah Taste of the World online festival!Matt sampled sounds along the rivulet bewtween Hobart and Moonah, sometimes referred to as the flannelette curtain and added Bossa Nova guitar. The song is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the cliche of "le rideau en flanelle" – the flannelette curtain. Glenorchy City Council Moonah Taste of the World Online Festival Moonah Arts Centre

Posted by Moonah Taste of the World Festival on Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Moonah Taste of the World Festival Online 2020 – https://www.facebook.com/moonah.taste/

um dia lindo de verão
um sol ícaro nadando no assoalho de madeira portas e janelas escancaradas a brisa
como um fantasma na cortina balançando  

je ne veux pas chanter cette chanson pour toi
je ne veux pas du tout chanter cette chanson nous tous au sein entre
kunanyi et timtumili minunya  

sé de qué lado estoy
le rideau en flanelle
nipaluna moonah
le rideau en flanelle  

o inglês imperfeito é o inglês mais bonito
um coração partido é um coração perfeito mostra que você foi capaz de sentir
somente os mortos são incapazes de sentir  

sortez, sortez de ma tete
vous qui dites que je ne suis pas assez bon
pas assez bon pour vous, pour eux
nous sommes tous pareils, marchant de la viande  

sé de qué lado estoy
le rideau en flanelle
nipaluna moonah
le rideau en flanelle

it’s a beautiful summer’s day
an icarus sun swims in the timber floor
all the doors and windows are open the breeze a ghost in the swaying curtain  

i don’t want to sing this song for you
i don’t want to sing this song at all
all of us in the bosom between
kunanyi and the river derwent  

i’m on the other side
the flanellette curtain
hobart moonah
the flanellette curtain  

broken english is beautiful english
a broken heart is a beautiful heart
a reminder that you can still feel
only the dead feel nothing  

get out, get out of my head
you who say I’m not good enough
not good enough for you, for them
we are all the same, walking meat  

i’m on the other side
the flanellette curtain
hobart moonah
the flanellette curtain  
translation credits:
brazilian portuguese translation, mirelle pontes
french translation adjustments, will seager

palawa kani, a tasmanian aboriginal language, uses no upper-case letters

this song has been written for the moonah arts centre. in lieu of the taste of the world festival which was cancelled due to covid restrictions, the centre invited musicians who were to perform to instead be videoed performing, and the videos to be put online. as a result, musicians were required to use material for which they owned the copyright, or had permission to perform from copyright owners. the songs i usually play are all copyrighted, i hate asking people for things, so i have written a song in the style and languages i perform in

the flannelette curtain is both a tongue-in-cheek and derogatory term for the line separating the hobart suburbs from the northern suburbs, a line formed by the creek running from its mouth between cornelian bay and lutana, up through new town and moonah to creek road where it runs through lenah valley all the way up kunanyi

the flannelette shirt has traditionally been a sign of the working class, lower class, or unemployed. some middle and upper class hobartians will joke of how they made sure they bought their house away from the flannelette curtain, or that they don’t travel beyond it. more broadly, lutruwita (tasmania) is the ass end of australia, australia the ass end of earth, earth a speck in an outer band of one mediocre spiral galaxy amongst billions. the joke is on all of us. where do comparisons stop – we’re all insignificant

the song also describes a mood. flannelette shirts keep out the cold, give comfort, often have bright colours. sometimes we want to dress down, rebel a bit, joke around, and be tougher, more honest

there’s a sadness in our failure to recognise beauty in its many forms and locations. many europeans failed to recognise this country’s beauty when they arrived two centuries ago, failed to see the beauty and wisdom in the indigenous peoples. in palawa kani, timtumili minunya is the river derwent, moonah means gum tree, lutana means moon, lenah means kangaroo

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